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Can Allrounder style be refurbished Caret
Allrounder is the only brand that does not have resoling capabilities.
What is Allro-Tex Caret
Allro-Tex is a membrane implemented is some Allrounder footwear, rendering it waterproof and winterproof. The warm lining keeps feet comfortably dry and warm in extreme cold weather.
What is Gore-Tex Caret
Gore-Tex is a membrane implemented in some Mephisto footwear, rendering it waterproof. It also provides climate control within the shoes.
How do I care for the Nubuck leather Caret
Nubuck leather can only be cleaned using products specifically for this leather type. Mephisto leather shampoo can be used for Nubuck and smooth leather finished which can be purchased on our website under Accessories.
What shoes are recommended for long periods of walking or standing Caret
For long periods of standing or walking we recommend choosing styles with flat soles for comfort and laces to adjust throughout the day.
Do I need to add info in return Caret
No additional info is required to be added to the returning package.
What is return policy Caret
Hassle free 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on new and unused items.
Are there stores near me Caret
Authorized Mephisto retailers may be found by visiting our dealer locator page. If retail options do not appear within your desired criteria, you may need to extend your search radius.
How long does the return/refund process take Caret
As soon as the fulfiller receives and processed your return, we will notify you by email. Your credit card should be refunded within 10 business days of the time you received this email.
Where are shoes manufactured Caret
Mephisto, Mobils, & Sano are manufactured in Europe. Allrounder is manufactured in Asia.
How do I return my order Caret
Ship your unused product, in it's original packaging, to the Ship From address on the shipping label. Or, if your order qualified for free return, use the return shipping label provided with your order.
Does Mephisto ship overnight Caret
Currently overnight shipping is not available.
Do I need a receipt to send in for warranty Caret
No receipt is needed. Wear and treatment are taken into consideration for warranty.
Can you polish Nubuck leather Caret
Nubuck leather is not designed for creams or polishes. If these products are used on Nubuck leather, this will change the finish.
Are shipping fees refunded Caret
Original delivery fees are refunded only if returns are for defective products, products that were not as described accurately, or incorrect orders.
Is return shipping free Caret
Free returns are only on orders that meet the minimum purchase of $99.00.
Are wide widths available Caret
Both the Mobils and the Sano Brands are available in a wide width.
Do I need return authorization Caret
No authorization is needed to return new unworn items within the 60 day return policy. No addition information is required in the return.
What is Goodyear construction Caret
Goodyear refers to the type on construction; Goodyear-Welt. Solid double stitch attaches the top grain leather upper to the Soft-Air mid-sole to the outsole of the shoe.
Do you have a resoling/refurbishment Caret
Yes, Mephisto, Mobils, & Sano can be fully recrafted.
Do you offer exchanges Caret
We do not process exchanges at this time. Simply return the new and unused item within the 60 day return period for a full refund.
Recommended sizing on sandals Caret
Sandals are only available in whole sizing. If you are in-between sizing we recommend sizing up to the next size.
What is Soft-Air Technology Caret
Soft-Air Technology refers to Soft-Air midsole present in all Mephisto Footwear.
Where can I purchase sell socks Caret
These items are available to order on our website under Accessories.
What is the time frame on refurbishment Caret
4-6 weeks as long as components are in stock to complete refurbishment.
Are sale items returnable Caret
All items purchased on the website are eligible for return within the 60 day return window.
Are all Mephisto shoes handcrafted Caret
All Mephisto shoes are handcrafted in European factories, leveraging the finest in traditional shoemaking with modern technology.
What carriers do you use Caret
Orders may be shipped using Fed-Ex, UPS, or USPS.
How long does delivery take Caret
After your order ships, delivery is around 3- 5 business days for standard shipping.
Are sizes on website in US or Euro sizing Caret
All styles listed are in US sizing.
Where can I purchase shoe care products Caret
These items are available to order on our website under Accessories.
How do I get a return label Caret
Return labels are provided on orders that meet the $99.00 minimum. If minimum is met the return shipping label should be included in your package. If return label is not included in package call Mephisto Customer Service at 615-771-5900.
How do I clean my shoes or sandals Caret
For specific care instructions we recommend calling Mephisto Resole at 866-349-7653.
What is Caoutchouc Caret
Caoutchouc is French for natural rubber.
When will my order ship Caret
Orders placed Monday through Friday by 12:00pm Central Standard Time will ship the same day. Orders placed on the weekend will ship Monday.
What are shipping fees Caret
Standard Shipping= $8.00 (free shipping if minimum purchase amount is met). 3-Day shipping= $10.00. 2-Day shipping= $15.00.
Is there a warranty Caret
Mephisto stands behind all manufacture defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered.
Can I return to my local store Caret
Returns must be returned back to the original shipper.
What is Hydro Protect Caret
Hydro Protect technology protects your feet from moisture with the assistance of hydrophobic leathers and a seam-sealed process. Hydro Protect is not waterproof but offers a better resistance to water penetration.
How do I delete items from my cart Caret
Items may be deleted from your cart by choosing View and Edit Cart .You may change the quantity or delete the item, then Update Shopping Cart.
Why can I not place an order/why is my order not going through Caret
Billing information added at check out must match the billing information attached to your credit card exactly. If information does not match the order cannot be processed. For additional help placing orders please call Mephisto Customer Service at 615-771-5900.
Does Mephisto sell waterproof footwear Caret
Only Mephisto and Allrounder footwear that contain Gore-Tex, Mephi-Tex, and Allro-Tex lining will be waterproof.
What is Nubuck leather Caret
Nubuck is a soft textured leather similar to suede.
Why are shoes so expensive Caret
Due to technology, materials, construction, and quality make Mephisto an investment not just a purchase. Mephisto, Mobils, and Sano are handcrafted with the finest aniline-dyed full grain leathers for lasting comfort by master shoemakers.
Does Mephisto ship on weekends Caret
Orders placed Monday through Friday by 12:00pm Central Standard Time will ship the same day. Orders placed on the weekend will ship Monday.
I received a defected item, what do I do Caret
If you receive defective merchandise , please contact Mephisto Customer Service for assistance at 615-771-5900.
Where can I purchase insoles or laces Caret
These items may be available for purchase through our authorized repair/recraft facility, Mephisto Resole by calling 866-349-7653. Accessories may also be ordered through independently owned retail shops. For locations near you, please visit our dealer locator page.
How do I send shoes in for warranty inspection Caret
For warranty issues contact Mephisto Resole and Repair at their toll free number, 866-349-7653.
What is Mephi-Tex Caret
Mephi-Tex is a membrane implemented in some Mephisto footwear, rendering it waterproof. This technology offers optimal protection from wetness as well as high grade breathability.
Hours of Operation Caret
Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm CT
Does Mephisto provide discounts or coupons Caret
Free 3-Day expedited shipping can be obtained by joining our Mephisto newsletter.
Can you ship international Caret
Mephisto USA E- Commerce only ships within the United States of America, as well as APO (Army Post Office) and FPO ( Fleet Post Office)
Will Sales Tax be added Caret
Tax will be applied to your order if it is required by law. Some areas require tax to be assessed on shipping and handling charges. We do not know the fulfillment location until after your order is placed, so your checkout screen and order confirmation email may not include taxes.
Can I ship to PO Box Caret
We are not able to deliver to PO Boxes.
How can I see my order history Caret
Order history can only be viewed if you were logged into your account at the time of purchase. Purchases made as a guest without logging into account or through Mephisto customer service will not show up in your order history.
Email address Caret
What payment methods are offered Caret
PayPal and credit cards including American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa.
Need to reset password Caret
Under Customer Login choose Forgot Your Password. If you are still having trouble logging in call Mephisto Customer Service at 615-771-5900 for a password reset.
Customer Service Caret
What shoes are on sale Caret
Sale items can be viewed by choosing the Sale category under Men's and Women's selections. Each item on sale will be marked with the percentage off and sale price listed, highlighted in red.